How is TSC Direct Insurance Co. for auto and homeowners insurance?

TSC Direct Insurance is an insurance agency and not an insurance company like Geico or Progressive, so I am going to assume it would be expensive to get coverage from them. If I were you, I would go directly to the websites of Geico, Progressive, Allstate and State Farm to compare rates. And if you don\’t want to do the research yourself, you can go directly to insurance comparison websites like and to compare the rates. LowestQuotes gives you rates from all of the 50 U.S. states whereas provides quotes only for the state of New York.
Well I\’ve seen a few complaints about TSC under answers for similar questions on here, but they were mostly things that just about all the insurance co\’s do. For instance, often when you call to get a quote, say auto quote, they give a tentative quote before running any reports to verify losses and violations so this can for many people be a waste because if they don\’t have every last incident from your MVR included in the quote as well as your credit score, they cannot give you the final acurate quote. With homeowners, again, they may use the dwelling value you are currently insured with by your existing homeowners policy as a guide, as an estimate, but all companies send out an inspector after binding a new policy. They hire companies to do the inspections for them and that is the value they will go by to determine the dwelling limit you must insure to so if your previous co limit was $450k and they send someone down and they come back with $500k, yes your premium will be increased, but they should warn people of this, is chance you take if you are switching to save couple hundred dollars and not at least $500. This is why people come back angry bec they just don\’t give people enough info to let them know of the possible scenarios above. Also run is a credit score by most companies and this can raise the premium as well after a quote w/o running credit score. Or it can even disqualify you altogether. So they should just run all reports up front in my opinion to avoid giving out misquotes from not having all the facts and credit score.

They will not pre-inspect your home unless it is a very expensive mansion or penthouse type of condo in the city, only high end companies woudl do that and in select cases for large premium accounts so there is always guesswork or estimation involved in coming up with the dwelling limit used for your quote. Also they should warn that inspections can lead to requirements to fix what they perceive as a hazard or anything that increases the liklihood of a loss. And then yes a letter goes out saying to respond within say 15 to 30 days, but usually it is to just respond to say how/when you plan to fix it, usually not that you have that much time to fix the problem. UNless it is something really bad even if you fail to respond they will not send a cancellation right away, they may eventually non renew the policy after 3 years for failure to remedy or prove to remedy what they asked for, but people have to not get offended by these letters, they are legal notices/warnings and every co does it. THey don\’t want insure properties in disrepair for obvious reasons.

They may ask more questions than other companies, but I think from my experience it was same questions Geico asked me and when I switched from Geico I saved more like $500 to $600 so was worth for me. They know tons people think it is ok to lie to the ins co about driving their car to work and saying pleasure use thinking this will save them a lot of money. For one, it is not that big of a savings between commute to work and pleasure use so why jeopardize anything by lying? TEchnically a false statement on an application should void your coverage so is stupid, but somehow with our legal system ins co\’s rarely use this defense to not pay claims, but maybe if claim is huge involving a death they would so is risky to lie. The other thing people lie about or leave off application is young/teen drivers, again this should make the covg void. So companies may go to some funky extremes in asking odd questions to make sure they are being told the truth about how you use the vehicles. I work in this biz so as much as people want complain about the big bad ins co, understand that they are lied to by a good % of the customers who are then underpaying for their policies.

I\’ve never had a claim with them so I can\’t say how that would be. THey have good financial rating.
So to sum up before you ever switch from one co to another verify that they have run all the reports, credit and are aware of all losses or violations that may apply, be sure you are telling them the truth about everything and then you def have a right to complain if somehow the quote changes after binding if they were giving you a quote based on all the necessary info. The only other thing also that can change premium between premium quoted and premium bound is if there is a gap of time between the quote and the bind and the rates go up. They should tell you if the rate has changed since quoting your policy, but they might not so try not to get a quote say in June and then call back and say bind it in August before making sure they check to see if the rates have changed that may have changed the premium. Always tell them about defensive driving course or anything that might get you credits such as central station alarm service, they should ask you these things and they would require proof, def driver course is on your MVR at some point but if recently taken you need provide your certificate to them, alarm requires a cert also from alarm co so they might quote you with the alarm credit, but bind without it if you did not yet provide the cert.

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